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If you want to develop new working skills in science, it is mandatory to undergo professional training and we are here to fulfill your goal. We make you realize your full potential in life science research. A well-trained person is open to numerous opportunities around him/her in the ever-growing science. We noticed a working skill gap between academics and industry. We closely observed a wide range of Life science industries, Food industries, Pharmaceutical companies, and Biotech companies. We come to the conclusion that unless a newly outcoming graduate is skilled in industrial needs, he or she likely to face difficulties in starting a career. It will take more time than required for his or her full potential.

We have a wide variety of training modules in various life science disciplines. We provide the best training at our facility for anyone who is seeking a career in life science research. Our laboratory is fully equipped with cutting edge technology and we assure you enough skill development so that you will fit for the demanding skills in the industry.

Who are eligible for training? Anyone who wants to learn the laboratory techniques is eligible including non-life science background individuals. In particular, faculty, research scholars, working professionals, and students: B.Sc., M.Sc., Diploma, PG Diploma, B.Tech. (Biotech, Bioinformatics), M. Tech., B. Pharma, and M. Pharma.

We proved training in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Pharmacy, and other life science disciplines. Training duration is as little as one week to as maximum as six months. You have the flexibility to choose different modules based on your requirements.

We also offer onsite training at your institute or organization on the formal request letter from the head of the institution or organization. You can fill the training inquiry form; our representative will guide you for further process.

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