Our Vision

Our vision is to help the researchers to realize their dreams and mission is to assist the scientific community in experimentation.

Our Services

Contract Research

Ruha life sciences undertake contract research in biosciences from Biotech and Pharma industries. We have a well-established state of the art research laboratory to perform quality research. Since we deliver our services on time with accuracy and affordable prices, Ruha life sciences is the major choice for the Biotech, Pharma, and Food industries. We optimize and develop the industrial processes and transfer the technology at a good pace. An expert team of professors, scientists, doctorates, and industrial collaborates is our major strength to do contract research.

Product development

We develop commercial research products which are available under the brand name of electus in the market.
Genetic Testing: We do genetic testing at the molecular level to characterize genotype of the biological sample. Microbial identification and viral load analysis.


We offer a wide range of Bioinformatics services in life science research to name a few protein modeling, molecular docking, and dynamics.


We offer industrial and academic training in the form of projects, certificate courses and training to graduate, postgraduate, doctoral students and faculty. Many times a good lab facility is the main constraint for the researchers, we provide our facility on payment basis to seekers, and researchers can complete their work in our facility on time before reaching their deadlines.

Scientific Writing

Research generates loads of raw data. Unless the data is scientifically and statistically analyzed for meaningful conclusions, the generated big data is of no use. We provide certificate courses and training in scientific data analysis and scientific writing from the highly qualified faculty. We assist the researchers to publish their research work in quality journals.

Business Consulting

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